A group of researchers just accidentally discovered a way to detect the presence of ecstasy. With this latest discovery, it was also claimed that this will help researchers and experts provide more reliable and trusted drug tests in the future.

As to the latest report, a group of researchers at the Biomedical Research Networking Center in Bioengineering, Biomaterials, and Nanomedicine or the CIBER-BBN, Polytechnic University of Valencia, and the University of Southern Denmark found a new technique to detect ecstasy. According to Phys.org, this way is sure to be very reliable and very easy to employ and apply.

There are several and varied methods that are used up to this time for testing the presence of ecstasy only that they come in great costs. If not with the cost, these methods are sometimes found only in laboratories and people need to wait for specific time juts to examine the result.

But with the new discovery, it looks like expert found new hope which they can utilize for testing the presence of ecstasy. Moreover, this new method will not produce a false positive or unreliable result. To illustrate, this new technique will also aid in determining whether a person is positive even if that person will no longer undergo another testing.

The researchers also claimed that their technique to detect ecstasy is a lot more credible than the existing methods since this is cheaper and user-friendly. It was reported that while these researchers were trying to build molecular machines, they came to discover a new technique to detect the presence of ecstasy.

Furthermore, it was also claimed that one of the researchers mentioned that their new method is different from the others since this can spot and detect even the small traces. Science Newsline reported that this is possible with their technique since it was the result of a molecular activity which in turn can identify even the smallest of traces of compound found in ecstasy.

Because of this new discovery, experts can now come up with low-cost testing kits which are also simple to use and transport. With this, it is certain that detecting ecstasy can now be done and accomplished in an easy and reliable manner.