Latest reports just confirmed that drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death of Americans under the age of 50. This was reported after The New York Times released data which said that the 59,000 deaths last year were related to drug overdoses.

Across America, it was reported that the cases were even higher in Ohio like the reported incident last May 26. It was reported on SELF that a Cleveland police and his body camera was running when he approached a man slumped in his car. He then found out that the man was about to die due to a drug overdose.

The said police also mentioned that he already encountered the man before also under the influence of drug overdose. The man was administered with Narcan which is known to be an anti-overdose drug apart from this, it was even reported that besides the man, there were even 11 more cases of drug overdoses in Cleveland and the two were considered fatal.

The reports also claimed that just last year, 4, 100 people dies from drug overdoses which were said to be a 36 percent increase compared in 2015. With this, it was then claimed that the said state led the country in the number of deaths caused by drug overdoses.

Apart from Ohio, some states in the U.S. also have an increase in terms of the number of deaths related to drug overdoses. Some of these states included New Hampshire, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

It was also made known on Mail Online that most of these drug overdoses cases were related to painkillers and heroin which is often tied to opioid also known as fentanyl. In Ohio, it was claimed that a lot of opioid pills were prescribed from 2011 to 2015.

It was even said that these drug overdoses affect all kinds of people whether they are rich or poor, young or old black or white. Worse, it was just reported that a one-year-old stopped breathing because it was found out that the child has an opioid in his system.

Lately, Ohio is looking forward to file cases against the five companies that manufacture prescription painkillers. Like what the officials have said, the companies already knew about the consequences but still did the manufacturing.