Latest reports escalated that Beyonce and Jay-Z were reportedly building a maternity ward inside their Hollywood mansion that is worth $1.27 million. With this, some were saying that the pregnant diva is actually preparing to give birth inside their home rather than in the hospital.

It was then claimed on The Sun that Beyonce decided not to give birth in a hospital as she wanted to have it in their home. Because of this plan, she and her husband Jay-Z had a full professional natal wing installed into the rented property of the couple.

It can be recalled that Beyonce announced her pregnancy last February and he shocked and surprised her fans when she also mentioned that she is expecting twins. The star will give birth anytime soon by her husband Jay-Z. The couple has a daughter Blue Ivy, now 5 years of age.

The rumors and reports of the construction of the millions worth of maternity ward started when some people noticed that a van full of high-tech equipment was seen arriving at the couple's mansion over the past days. Beyonce just showed her big pregnancy belly during her baby shower.

What made the report more intriguing was that the diva actually wants her babies or her twins at home in Los Angeles as also mentioned in Elle Magazine. It was also reported that Beyonce together with Jay-Z already discussed this matter with her doctors and perhaps the idea was just fine.

One thing more, perhaps Beyonce and Jay Z were thinking of their privacy and security most especially that they are considered A-list stars in the industry. Definitely, it is not that usual for mothers to give birth to twins at home, but for Beyonce, she can have everything at her request.

Contrary to the reports before, Beyonce is in prime physical condition and is doing well. Reports were even rife that in case the diva and her babies need hospital care, an ambulance would just be on standby near her home with Jay-Z.

While Beyonce is resting and lying low in their Hollywood mansion, Jay-Z is always seen leaving the property perhaps for some additional preparations before the birth of the twins. One more thing, the couple is said to be upset by the negative issues they had during the birth of their first child that's why they opted for maternity ward inside their home.