Beyonce's pregnancy is reportedly giving her hard time and still continues to make headlines. According to some reports, the twins are really causing her some problems to the point that this issue already strains her relationship with husband Jay-Z.

For some women, the second pregnancy is more difficult that the first but for some it is the opposite. And Beyonce is not an exemption to this which a lot of pregnant women are experiencing. Even is the singer has the best access of medical needs and doctors, still she is having a hard time dealing with this.

It has been reported that Beyonce is having a hard time in her twins' pregnancy than in her first one as claimed by In Touch Weekly. It has been claimed too that her energy has been affected to the point that it is already draining her energy. And Jay-Z needs to be there to support and comfort his wife and give her what she needs during this difficult stage of her pregnancy.

However, there were some people who witnessed Beyonce sneaking into spin classes. So contrary to this report, it looks like the singer is giving the people false update about her pregnancy. It seems like she is trying to endanger the sympathy of the public for a reason she only knows. It can be recalled how the singer reportedly manipulates the media about her despite the unwieldy actions every now and then.

Some reports were also claiming that Beyonce loves being pregnant with Jay-Z. In fact, it has been reported too that she has not taken her weight gain into a negative thing. She definitely embraces her size and she is very much confident in her skin.

If those are not enough, sources also claimed that Beyonce and Jay-Z have never been this happier now that she is pregnant again. He is also with her every step of the way. he is also very supportive when it comes to her spin classes even if this seems to be an odd sight in Hollywood.

Even if Beyonce and Jay-Z have had a rocky past, it doesn't automatically mean that it needs to be repeated this time. They are said to be typically fine now despite of the reported irritating pregnancy problems and troubles.