Kate Middleton and Prince William reportedly sparked marriage troubles as the royal couple no longer allot time for their romantic date nights. Instead of dates, they prefer to stay at home, watch movies together end enjoy eating take-out food.

It has been reported that Kate Middleton and Prince William are not anymore the type of couple which they used to be. The last time the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went out for a date was last year of February near their Anmer Hall home as per Hello Magazine.

Because of these speculations and observations, many royal critics were telling that perhaps Kate Middleton and Prince William are no longer interested in those date nights since they experience problems in their marriage. The royal couple cannot simply hide any sort of issue regarding their marriage since their life is no longer private.

It can be recalled too that Kate Middleton and Prince William admitted before that they do not go out that often and the last concert they attended was to see Coldplay at Wembley just last year. They prefer to spend the nights and days at their home watching "Game of Thrones" or "Homeland."

Besides, Prince William made mention before that he is not really the romantic type or person. He really shows affection for Kate Middleton whenever they are in public and he does not even hold her hands. If those are not even enough, the Duke of Cambridge never wears his wedding ring on his finger. But according to him as mentioned on The Sun, he is not really into jewelry.

With all these reports, it looks like Kate Middleton and Prince William also have their ups and downs in their relationship and marriage. But it will only be them who really know what is happening behind closed doors. Moreover, they should have more time to go for date nights since they have a team of nannies who will look after Prince George and Princess Charlotte whenever they want to.