"The Amazing Race" Season 29 has come to an end with Scott Flanary and Brooke Camhi winning the reality show. The victory of the pair has come as a surprise to the viewers given their differences during the whole journey and even they admitted to these differences in their victory speech.

"The Amazing Race" Season 29 is over and the winner is Scott Flanary and Brooke Camhi, Heavy reported. Scott and Brooke won Season 29 defeating other two teams that comprised Tara Carr-Joey Covino and Logan Bauer-London Kaye. Scott and Brooke were leading in the final as they had aced the race track challenge but the teams had to solve a puzzle after landing at a train station.

In order to complete the overall challenge, they had to pull together three postcards, feed hot dogs to some selected people and then finish some complex tasks to win "The Amazing Race" Season 29. Though all the three teams persisted hard, it was Scott and Brooke who reached the finish line. The second position was grabbed by Tara and Joey Logan and London got the third spot.

However, the winning team came out as a surprise to many viewers and some of them even made their dislike clear on Twitter. According to E! News, many were annoyed with Scott and Brooke as they never got along with each other during "The Amazing Race" Season 29, which even they admitted as they stood on the red carpet speaking about their victory.

Scott said that he and Brooke were different from each other but both had set eyes on the same result from "The Amazing Race" Season 29. He also said that they wanted to stand on the red carpet and therefore, did everything it took to achieve their aim. As for Brooke, she admitted that she could have shared more commonalities with other people but they would not have helped her win. She also said that she shared something with Scott that many do not get to share.