The fans of Rihanna have been left puzzled by her recent photo that is very different from her regular ones in which she looks slim and sports fitting outfits. The recent one that has her sporting a loose outfit has led to speculations about RiRi being pregnant but some fans also think that it is just weight gain and not a big deal either.

Rihanna is hitting the headlines once again and this time it is not her love life that is creating buzz but her weight. According to Hall of Fame Magazine, the singer was recently spotted in a loose-fitting shirt and baggy jeans and ever since the photo came out, speculations regarding her pregnancy have begun doing the rounds. In the photo, RiRi is looking a little plump and it is clearly visible that she has put on some weight.

So, could it be that she has just acquired some pounds and every theory about her baby bump is nothing but incorrect guessing game. Well, if the opinion of Rihanna's fans is to be taken into account, not all are on the same side of the fence. Some feel that she is indeed expecting and her plump looks are the result of her eating for two, Celebrity Insider has learned. These fans are also wondering as to who could be the father of Rihanna's baby?

However, one section believes that she has just put on some weight and it has got nothing to do with pregnancy. They feel that it has been caused by Rihanna eating too many munchies but some feel that the recent appearance of the 29-year-old-songstress is neither overeating nor pregnancy. They believe that it is the result of her changed attitude towards her celebrity status.

These fans think that Rihanna has stopped caring about her fickle status as a public figure and is just more confident being in her skin. Well, such fans are quite many in number and they have also slammed those who have been mocking her weight gain and speculating about her baby bump.