Arnold Schwarzenegger is all set to dazzle the screen in the sixth "Terminator" film and he will be collaborating with old-time producer and director James Cameron. He confirmed the project at the ongoing Cannes Film festival and also talked about the reboot of "Conan" franchise as well as the sequel to "Twins."

Fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger would be delighted to know that the actor has confirmed the sixth "Terminator" film with James Cameron. According to IGN, Arnold has confirmed that he would be reprising his popular role in the "Terminator" film. While talking to the media at the Cannes Film Festival, he said that the film is moving forward and also revealed that Cameron has got some great ideas about the continuation of the franchise.

Notably, Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron started the science fiction series of action films under the name "Terminator" in 1984. It was followed by four sequels and the franchise became so popular that it was also adapted into comic books, novels, video games and television series. The franchise also made Schwarzenegger an icon and furthered his success as an action star.

Meanwhile, it is not just the "Terminator" project that Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed. He also talked about "Conan" revival, claimed CNET. The 69-year-old actor said that he is working on the reboot of "Conan" franchise. He revealed that the franchise is being written and he plans to do it in future. As fans know, Schwarzenegger acted in 1982 original "Conan the Barbarian" and its 1984 sequel "Conan the Destroyer."

Not only this, Schwarzenegger also talked about his 1986 comedy "Twins." He said that the sequel "Triplets" is likely to start shooting this year and also disclosed that the script of the sequel would be over in one month. Well, nothing could be more delightful for the fans of the action star. Seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger again as "Terminator" is a dream for many and it will soon translate on the silver screen.