Los Angeles Lakers' Nick Young has remained to be undecided whether to go for a trade to increase his $5.7 million worth but according to Daily News he has been shut down from the trade block while there are only five games left in the regular season. The rumors on the upcoming trade of LA Lakers' Young have been heightened by his disappearance from most of the games, 10 of the 12 games, this season. 

Young's indecision and silence could soar up his still miniscule contract salary. But Young has shown a high fit on his bid to increase his worth as he recorded 40.4 percent 3-point shooting and improved his defense record this season. Still, he was silent about the trade prospect in his interview with CBS Sports Monday. 

But Daily News on Sunday said that the Lakers decided to effectively shut Young for the last five regular-season games. This would negate his prospect of getting more than $5.7 million. He along with Ryan Kelly and Robert Sacre was already floated to be possible for the trade block last year, before the July signing period. Young's contract worth of the year is way below that NBA's 2016 salary cap of $70 million.

Compared against NBA's increasing salary caps, the worth of LA Lakers' Young is considered to be still miniscule. NBA's recalibrated salary cap and luxury line projections for the 2017-18 season are set at $102 million and $122 million, down from the April projection of $107 million and $127 million. With this the Cavaliers' LeBron James would start at $33.5 million. The league also reported an increased salary cap and luxury tax for the succeeding years-  2018-19 salary cap and luxury tax: $108 million/$130 million; 2019-20 salary cap and luxury tax: $109 million/$132 million; and 2020-21 salary cap and luxury tax: $114 million/$139 million.

It looks like it is make or break for LA Lakers' Young. To stay at home or go for a trade. Whatever, the usual bottomline for NBA players remains to the worth of their contract salary.