Dubai had made its mark in the past from just another place on earth to become a global hub with its urbanization strategy. The strategy also had Dubai housing the most opulent man-made expansions. But now, Dubai wants to change its focus and transform itself into a laboratory where using science and technology efforts are made for a better world.

With its forward thinking attitude, Dubai is now determined to use science and technology. But this adaptation of science and technology will not just be to match steps with the changing era but also to make it the foundation of its economy in times to come. According to reports from Popular Science, Dubai wants to transform the reason of its popularity and be known as the hub where world saving technology is developed.

Notably, so far, Dubai has been known for its man-made beaches, the tallest building in the world, the busiest international airport, indoor ski slopes and the biggest display of firecracker, to name a few. But the focus of Dubai has now shifted from these superlatives. Acknowledging global warming, Dubai now wants to shift its strategy from extravaganza to inventiveness, as it wants to make a mark and contribute towards the advances that the world is making and be prepared for the future.

It is worth mentioning that several projects are currently underway that will help Dubai in implementing its strategy change. This includes the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park's 200-megawatt expansion, which will be followed by 5000 megawatt solar park that Dubai plans to have within the next 13 years. But, this is not all, as the city's main target is to have a better future with the use of science and technology.

Talking about science and technology, Dubai plans to convert salty groundwater into drinking water with photovoltaic reverse osmosis system and is also in the process of erecting 3-D printers that will build a drone lab in just a few weeks' time. It remains to be seen how, the changes impacts the image of Dubai.