The Golden State Warriors just signed and settled to another deal extending another two years extension of the lease with regards to using the Oracle Arena in Oakland. This was made prior to the news that the NBA power team is planning to move to San Francisco for the 2019-2020 season.

This news was confirmed and announced by the Joint Powers Authority which is the one in-charge of the arena. The said organization also said that with the agreement, the Golden State Warriors also agreed to the condition that the team can exercise for even up to three additional seasons.

However, ESPN reported that this agreement will also include the rent increase which was not specified in the deal. This is for the reason that the Oakland City Council and Alameda County officials still need to check and approve the increase.

Meanwhile, as Golden State Warriors is waiting for its opponent for the Western Conference Finals, one of its star players, Stephen Curry just revealed the reason behind his new look. Even if Curry is still on top of the players' standing, his fans have noticed a bit of change from him.

As he is preparing for the NBA playoffs, some of his fans noticed that his goatee has now blossomed into a full-blown beard. With this, it seems like he already forgets his razor but his new look is driving his fans crazy and want to know the reason behind this.

 While most people think that perhaps he is already devoting most of his time in their practices that he forgets to shave, Stephen Curry just revealed the reason why. According to The Charlotte Observer, the NBA star revealed that this is for his wife Ayesha since she likes his beard so much. When he revealed that, eh also added the words, "Happy wife, happy life."

Stephen Curry is one of the reasons why the Golden State Warriors is heading to the playoffs with a perfect 8-0 record in the teams' standing. It was reported that the former Davidson star is averaging 27.1 points in every game compared to his record last season.