The game between Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs recently was met with controversy after Zaza Pachulia stepped under Kawhi Leonard. With the latest report, NBA said that there is no need to impose discipline on the Golden State star player and that that the referee's call was enough already.

Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs met for Game of the NBA Western Conference Finals. The game was thrilling as for the fans but an incident drove the Spurs fans to get disappointed and mad with the Golden State Warriors.

According to ESPN, San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich ruled out that Leonard might not play during the Game 2 because of a sprained ankle. It can be recalled that Zaza Pachulia stepped under him and with the result of the MRI, it is uncertain if the Spurs star player will return.

Apart from this, Popovich also said that what Zaza Pachulia did was very unsportsmanlike and dangerous after Pachulia's foot slid over Leonard's. Because of this, Leonard had his left ankle injured and definitely will not be able to join the Game 2 of Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs.

But according to NBA, a foul would be enough and that further sanctions and discipline are not necessary at the moment. It was also reported that Golden State Warriors has already been engaging in what others call as dirty tactics and that latest incident was just the continuation of it.

Moreover, it was also claimed that Zaza Pachulia had been involved in some despicable activities while playing on the court. The Golden State Warriors center is really into incorporating dirty tactics while doing his part on the court.

Moreover, NBA was also determined in telling that the management has no reason to impose fine on Golden State Warriors' Zaza Pachulia. They added that if the player needs to be imposed with a fine, it will also be necessary for them to impose fines to any player in every game since this is already considered normal.

 Occurrences like this are regarded as already normal on NBA court and that this happens all the time saying they are all part of the game. Perhaps, the San Antonio Spurs is having a hard time accepting what happened more so that in the first two quarters, they had a wide lead over Golden State Warriors.