In yet another incident, a woman traveller reported about another incident that indicates that United Airlines is having a troubling time dealing with passengers. The recent incident involves Nicole Harper and she alleges that the flight attendants did not let her use the bathroom, even though it was extremely urgent.

A Missouri woman, Nicole Harper has recently reported another incident that has the United Airline back into the news again. Harper has said that during her flight from Kansas City to Houston, the flight attendants allegedly denied allowing her to use the bathroom. She posted on Facebook, "While allowing other passengers to get up and use the restroom on a seemingly uneventful flight, United Airlines crew wouldn't allow me to get up and use the restroom until the pilot turned off the seatbelt sign," People reported.

Harper further stated that she has even explained to the United Airlines crew that she has an overactive bladder and she really needed to use the bathroom. But, she was handed cups to pee. And, she had to use the cups to relieve herself when she could not hold herself any longer. Moreover, she was forced to carry the cups until she got off the aircraft. Harper has also said that apart from being rude, they kind of humiliated her and treated her like a criminal for asking to use the restroom.

According to reports from AOL, the United Airlines has said in a statement that it is due to customer safety that they have certain rules and according to the FAA regulation, Ms. Harper needed to remain seated as they were on final descent. But they have reached out to Ms. Harper and Mesa Airlines to better understand the situation.

This incident is the second one that has come up after Dr. David Dao was forcefully and violently removed from a flight that was Chicago bound. United Airlines and Dr. Dao have settled the matter out of court. Notably, the incident that Nicole Harper reported also happened on the same day, but the only difference was that it was a different flight.