Heavy rains and thunderstorm may induce severe weather conditions and possibly further worsen the flooding in central United States. The severe weather condition is expected to continue till later this week, but after the weekend and in the latter part of May, it is forecasted that there will be lesser heavy rainfall in the flood hit areas of central US.

The residents of the Mississippi Valley are gearing up to face a fresh round of heavy rains and thunderstorm that is expected later this week. This comes amidst the major river flooding that has hit the area and has already caused 10 fatalities. The floods have also impacted travel along the Mississippi river due to compromised port operations.

According to reports from AccuWeather, the severe storms might be accompanied by strong high winds, downpours and large hails, which remains as the main threats. And, all of these are only expected to raise the chances of flash flood.

Notably, the Mississippi river crested at 41.7 feet, which is about 12 feet above the flood stage and meteorologists suggest that the level will not all before next weekend. It must be mentioned here that this level on 12 feet is just 3 feet short of a new record. It also forecasted that the towns and cities along the major tributaries of Mississippi river, like Ohio, Missouri, White and Illinois rivers can expect the water level to rise in the next few days or it might recede at a slow pace, Fox News reported.

This fresh round of rains and storm will defer the time when the water level in the region drops below the flood stage in the central and lower Mississippi and White rivers. However, after this week and during the latter part of this month, it is anticipated that the frequency of heavy rainfall will be much lower in the flood hit areas of central United States.