Selena Gomez just confirmed on her Instagram account that "13 Reasons Why" will return for the second season of the series. With its return in Netflix, the singer who is also the executive producer of the series hinted that the story will focus on the upshot of the death of Hannah Baker.

It was just reported that the said successful drama will return this 2018 as what had just been confirmed by Selena Gomez. When the show made its pilot airing on Netflix, it was actually considered as one of the biggest show so far in 2017 and was also discussed greatly and widely on Twitter.

Since it was already confirmed by Selena Gomez that "17 Reasons Why" will return come 2018, the story will revolve mainly on the repercussion of the death of Hannah Baker. New York Times also reported that apart from the death of Hannah, the other characters' journey to recovery and healing will also be featured.

This well-loved series is based on the novel written by Jay Asher and because of the story's suitability to the teens, it was then later adapted to a series in Netflix. Despite its success and great viewership, some still criticized the show. Some shared that "13 Reasons Why" has a different portrayal of discussing mental health issues as well as suicides.

In fact, Huffington Post also claimed that a certain mental health charity in Australia gave its comments regarding the "13 Reasons Why." According to the said charity, the series actually displays dangerous content that's why the viewers most especially the teens should be meticulous if to watch the show or not.

But these allegations were later disputed by the writer of the show. Moreover, the executive producer herself, Selena Gomez also defended the series telling that she is very positive that "13 Reasons Why" is doing what it intended to show even if it is a difficult topic to discuss.

Aside from the official confirmation from Selena Gomez, hints were also made before that Jay Asher was also asked to return to the series. With its success during its first Season, it will be certain that viewers can also expect for some thrilling events in "13 Reasons Why" Season 2 following confirmation from Selena Gomez.