Selena Gomez just filed a legal document to trademark her name for several reasons but there is one that catches that attention of her fans as well as some people. This trademark will bring an assurance that the singer is the only Selena Gomez in entertainment. Apart from this, it will also give her the opportunity to gain more control over the services of her fan club.

But aside from these reasons which have been reported, Selena Gomez also has one interesting purpose why she needs to trademark her name. According to a report from Huffington Post, the singer also trademarked her name for necklaces and jewelry as well. With this, some of her fans were wondering if there could be a Selena Gomez accessories line in the future.

If that will be the case, it will not be the first time Selena Gomez dabbed in the fashion world. It can be recalled that she had a clothing line for Kmart last 2010 and was able to sell a lot of these items during her "Revival" concert tour. And as per Daily Mail, it will no longer be shocking if she will also venture in accessories and jewelry.

So with this report, it looks like Selena Gomez will get busier since she already had a busy year. Moreover, she just released her latest single, "It Ain't Me" which is her collaboration with Kygo and of course she has a blossoming relationship with The Weeknd. Even if the two seem to be very in love, still there are some people who think Selena's in the wrong track again.

In the previous reports, Selena Gomez just opened up about her life and her challenges which were featured in Vogue magazine. She spilled details about her recent rehab stint as well as some of her depression and tough experiences. Apart from this, she also revealed the most romantic thing anyone's done for her in Vogue's latest 73 Questions.