U.S government through President Donald Trump is pressuring China to influence North Korea over the latter's nuclear tests programs. According to Trump, China is helping North Korea a lot in terms of its economy that's why this would just be too easy for them to do.

It can be recalled that North Korea is depending on China when it comes to its economy. As he spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping, President Trump acknowledged the fact that China is contributing a lot in North Korea's trade and even serves as its gateway to the rest of the countries.

As U.S. encourages China to pressure North Korea in its nuclear programs, experts were telling that Beijing needs to take steps first to the administration of Kim Jong Un since this will put everything at risk. If the Chinese government can do that, then the country is all prepared to go since they all want stability rather than trouble with North Korea as per CNN.

According to reports, China has been a huge factor to Both Korea when it comes to its coal trades. But the country just confirmed last week that it will already stop the coal imports of North Korea for the rest of the year. Due to this latest move, a lot of people were upset but still, this did not stop the overall imports to increase to 18%.

Apart from this, China is also planning to put a stoppage on the oil it sends to North Korea which could greatly affect the North Korean economy as reported on Reuters. Moreover, China has also been receiving suggestion from other countries, other than the U.S. that they need to halt the oil supply if North Korea will still proceed with its nuclear test programs.

With the U.S. ordering China to pressure North Korea in order to stop its nuclear test programs, some experts were recommending that China needs to cut the oil supply for a long period. But Beijing needs to study this since this will also be too risky for China.