An embarrassing moment came up Scott Disick's way when his ex's sister Kim Kardashian landed up in his hotel room in Dubai. The reality TV star was suspecting something fishy going on inside and when she found out that a woman was hiding in his bathroom, she was furious and confronted her with the harshest of words, warning her to get out.

Scot Disick would have never imagined his Dubai tour would end up on an embarrassing note. According to E! News, when Kim Kardashian came to know that a woman was hiding in his hotel room bathroom, she knocked on the door and demanded an answer. Once she came face to face with the woman in question, Kim launched into a volley of insults, asking her to get out that moment, threatening her with security.

However, before things turned ugly, the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Sunday episode saw Disick revealing before the camera the efforts he had undertaken to woo back Kourtney Kardashian. He said that he was not drinking and had also taken Kourtney and their kids on a tour to Aspen. Sometime later, he got to hear that Kourtney was hooking up with someone in LA and this got Disick into a fit of anger.

He said that this was the worst thing he could ever hear and admitted to feeling dejected. Then Kim came on to the scene and she was seen getting a text from her security regarding something fishy going on in Disick' room, People learned. Kim called her sister telling her everything but Kourtney replied that it was not her problem. She also clarified that the Aspen tour was just a family trip.

Nevertheless, Kim Kardashian went ahead with her investigation and upon suspecting a woman inside, she called out Scott who could not prevent the scandal. Kim found out the woman in his bathroom and lashed out at her, warning her to get out.