People might already witness a special and innovative kind of security through robots which were created by Knightscope. In the latest reports, this security startup created K5 which has the ability to replace human security guards later on.

Like what has been previously reported, Knightscope created K5, the so-called crime patrol robots in order to enhance and boost the quality of security that authorities should offer to people every day. This K5 is described as a 6-foot tall security robot, 400 pounds that can roam any place.

According to Tech Investor News, the K5 can rove hallways, campuses, school grounds, shopping malls, sports stadiums, office buildings, and others. So if ever there are suspicious activities recorded on those above-mentioned places, these crime patrol robots can attend to that.

What makes this invention unique and innovative is because of its sensors similar to that of LIDAR cameras and arrays. This feature will help the robot to identify a non-suspicious person from that of a criminal. After determining a possible target, all the data will be sent to the cloud and all the commands will be processed and will be transmitted back.

It can be recalled that last 2013, Knightscope was established after the controversial incident that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. Because of this latest innovation, the K5 was seen as a very helpful in enforcing the human law. And the most important and significant feature of this robot has nothing to do with its ability to replace human security guards and police officers. More than that, these robots can serve as the objects that can fill in the blind spots which are sometimes the cause of a failure in security as per Digital Trends.

Usually and most of the times, human security guards fail to patrol those places which are deemed critical and this is where K5 comes in. Reports have claimed that these crime patrol robots were used to deploy in some high-risk places like bridges, abandoned places, and even crime-prone parking lots.

If the efficiency of K5 will persist, there is a possibility that it will soon replace the usual work of human security guards. Not only that, Knightscope just remarked that there is a unique feature in K5 which can help it do all these things and these are the sensors.