This chapter opens with Dr. Trudy Barber reference about female sex robot, a pioneer in the impact of technology on sexual intercourse. He said that people's growing immersion in technology means it's only a matter of time before it takes a mainstream role in sex. Maybe it's not so clever reference at all.

Sex is one of the most important things between a couple, and saved for the special occasion. Here one question may arise that is female sex robots steps in to satisfy our everyday needs? According to Dr. Trudy Barber prediction that the use of artificial intelligent  (AI) devices in the bedroom will be socially normal within 25 years and that the machines would enable people to appreciate 'the real thing'.

Now let's come to technology part, A Hong Kong man named Rickey Ma 42 years old spent £35,000 to create a robotic woman who looks exactly like Scarlett Johansson. This female sex robot was programmed to respond to questions like 'how are you' and 'you are very nice' with little more than a coquettish smile and a wink. Now some of you thought that is it ethical? Yes, it is ethical and societal ramifications.

What about the danger part of this technology? Let's face it, in 2016 AAAS annual meeting, Yale ethicist Wendell Wallach spoke of his concerns about AI. He said, that "We need more concentrated action to keep technology as a good servant and not a dangerous monster." Usage of this technology is increasing day by day around that world and he also said that "How would you feel about your boyfriend getting a robot that looked exactly like you, just in order to beat it up every night?" Yeah, it is a dark side of a true relationship.

According to Professor Sharkey challenged the prediction that sex robots  will be used within the next decade but it is doubtful if they will become a societal norm although surveys show that around 10% would be prepared to use them.

With female robot or prostitution, you have to choose a one-way relationship with an object or a person that does not return your, true love. So The Scientist recommended that go for true love with your girlfriend or your fiance, not with female sex robot that will better for your health both physical and mental.