"General Hospital" has an intense week lined up. Ava feels weighed down by her guilty conscience and it leads her to talk to Griffin. Jason find finds himself questioning if Jake remembers him at Cassadine Island and Anna goes after Valentin. Elsewhere Jack goes back to Australia and Carly makes a big decision.

This week on "General Hospital" treats viewers to some intense emotional drama. According to "General Hospital" spoilers from SoapHub, Ava cannot take the guilt any longer and she feels stuck. So, she talks to Griffin and it looks like she could confess before a priest. This would be a welcome change for she has never been seen doing anything to get rid of her guilt. Also, Ava will have some pleasant moments with Lucy and the latter also feels she should fess up.

On the other hand, Jason is troubled by his past. "General Hospital" spoilers indicate talks between him and Jake where Jason asks him if he has any memory of a face that resembles Steve Burton. He is uncertain about what Jake remembers from the Cassadine Island and is anxious about what he could have missed. He can remember Helena telling him that some things could be too painful to remember.

Among others, Anna tries to pursue Valentin and is seen spying on him. "General Hospital" spoilers hint at odd behavior on her part and later she follows Valentin. Speaking of odd behavior, Sonny is still not done with Carly and this despite the fact that Jax was forced to return to Australia. However, Carly takes charge and makes a decision that could alter the entire course of events in the times to come.

She decides that she is not going to remain trapped in this mess for long and stands up for herself. It would be interesting to see if she will allow her daughter to go. Last but not the least, "General Hospital" spoilers talk about Tracy waiting on the results of the paternity test and Nina finds a friend in the form of Nelle. "General Hospital" airs on ABC on weekdays.