The current week on "The Bold and the Beautiful" is going to be full of tussles, tribulations and emotional drama. Bill pops up the ring before Brooke but he also wants to know about Ridge. Ridge is worried that his secret might be revealed and he is working on the designs to repair the damages done by Spectra. While everyone is against Sally, Thomas thinks differently and does not want to go after Spectra.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" episodes in the current week are filled with intense emotional drama. According to "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers from SoapHub, Bill cannot believe that Brooke has returned to him and wants to marry her. He comes up with a ring but he also has questions in mind and wants to know what led her to break ties with Ridge and come back to him.

As for Ridge, he is worried to the core. "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers say that he feel the walls closing in on him as he has a big secret weighing him down. What is more, he is working super hard to undo the damage done by Spectra. He is recreating the stolen designs and all this is proving pretty tough for him.

Speaking of stolen designs, the Forresters quest for justice has led them to Lt. Baker and they want Sally to be tried in court. However, "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers hint at Thomas having a different take on the things. He is not in favor of prosecuting Sally and feels that it is best to ignore Spectra and go ahead with their work.

Sally, on the other hand, feels bad for destroying Coco's career but she has a reconciliatory plan. "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers hint at Sally making an offer to Coco and she hopes that it will set things right. Lastly, RJ has to deal with an emotionally-wrenching task as he has to convince Coco to go against her family and she is not going to have it easy either as choosing between one's family and love is very tough. "The Bold and the Beautiful" airs on weekdays on CBS.