Chris Evans just broke his silence regarding the reports and speculations that he will already be passing his shield to the next "Captain America" as he nears the end of his contract. Obviously, a lot of his fans were shocked by this but still the actor gave them some light of hope.

In the previous reports, Chris Evans was invited to guest in "Ellen Degeneres" show which has been shown last April 3, 2017. And as some were already waiting for his answer regarding this speculation, the actor finally gave some explanations. According to him, his contract with Marvel movie franchise will already end after the 4th installment of "Captain America."

Moreover, he also shared that he is but ready to pass his shield to the next Steve Rogers after the filming of the two Avengers films will be finished. According to Metro, the filming for the two "Avengers: Infinity War" is ongoing. And with this, Chris Evans added that the filming had started last February and he will start to shoot this May perhaps.

Apart from his contract, Chris Evans also gave some spoilers and teasers regarding the upcoming Avengers films. He mentioned to Ellen that several characters will be involved and this is also one of the reasons why the filming will take a long time to do.

Then when he was asked if this will be the last time that he will be keeping his shield, he did not hesitate to answer and said that this might be the end for Steve Rogers or most popularly known as "Captain America." His confession will be devastating news to most of his fans as well as fans of the said movie franchise. But with the latest reports from Huffington Post, he might take projects for Broadway and this will new for the actor.

But some of his fans are not losing hope since an actor or an actress who is reaching the end of his contract will not be the end for them. Normally, their contracts are being extended and who knows this might also happen to Chris Evans after his "Avengers: Infinity War." For the meantime, he is the main star of the latest film, "Gifted".