Viewers have a tense "Days of Our Lives" Thursday episode in store as Salemites are dealing with troubles in their personal and professional lives. Abi is looking forward to marriage vows renewal but her fears come back and she is in for a shocking discovery. Gabi is being encouraged by Kate to hold on to Chad and wants her to make efforts. Dario fights with Rafe for arresting their father and the two clash.

"Days of Our Lives" Thursday episode brings forth chaos and strife as the Salemites struggle in their lives. According to "Days of Our Lives" spoilers from SoapHub, Abi and Chad will face some roadblock on their way as they go about renewing their marriage vows. Abi might have made up her mind to make a fresh start but she feels that she is forcing Chad into the recommitment thing and thus, dithers before the event. She realizes that her act of faking her death and leaving Chad was not right and it makes her reconsider things.

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers suggest that these doubts might get the better of her determination and she would also have to encounter a shocking revelation. As for Gabi, events could take a different turn despite her decision to move on and explore things with Eli. Kate is aware that Chad and Abi are not on the same page and therefore, she eggs on Gabi to give their relationship a chance. She convinces her that they are best for each other but it remains to be seen if Gabi will pay heed to her words.

On the other hand, Rafe and Dario fight over Eduardo's arrest. Dario is angry that Rafe chose his duty over family and let their father go to prison. He feels that Dario should have ignored the deal that Eduardo made and cannot reconcile with his brother as his act has caused problems for their family. Speaking of problems, Chad also receives bad news about Countess Wilhelmina as the company is running into losses.

"Days of Our Lives" airs on weekdays on NBC.