Nina Dobrev might already be finished with her stint in "The Vampire Diaries" but reports were escalating that the actress is taking on another new and exciting role. This time, it will not be with any television or movie project but as a maid-of-honor to the wedding of her dear friend Julianne Hough.

As Nina Dobrev is taking on this exciting and new role, Julianne Hough cannot contain her excitement to tie the knot to her fiancé Brooks Laich. With this, the even or the wedding is expected to be a somewhat star-studded affair.

If some people might wonder for these two television starts remain best of friends, it has something to do with how they keep their friendship for real. It has been reported that Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough has established a special friendship for many years now. When Julianne hits a party, it is automatic that Nina will be there too. With this, the two could always be seen in wild parties and Instagram posts.

Then way back March as per Daily Mail, Nina Dobrev was also spotted with Julianne Hough with what appeared to be a Bachelorette Party which happened in Mexico. Despite being with some girl pals, there is no doubt that Nina and Julianne are the best of friends since the two can be spotted very comfortable with one another. Apart from this, a photo was even shared wherein the two can be seen drinking alcohol in the said party.

Recently, Nina Dobrev just shared the secret to their friendship and how they became best of friends. She said that despite being Hollywood stars, they see to it that they keep things real. They also see to it that they have time to spend the moment together despite the hectic schedule. That being said, it is juts proper that Julianne Hough would pick Nina as her maid-of-honor on what is considered the most important day of her life. Since if she will choose someone else than Nina, it's for sure that many people will be surprised.

But as of this time, Julianne Hough has not made any comments yet regarding to the details of her wedding. But reports were telling that Nina Dobrev will play an important role on that special day. Moreover, Nina has all the time now to commit herself to her friend's wedding.