"Days of Our Lives" Tuesday episode has some edge-of-the-seat thrill for viewers as there is a lot going on in the lives of Salem denizens. Nicole is anxious about Scooter's intentions and does not know if she should yield or hold her ground. Jade, in an attempt to repair things, causes more damage and Eric feels guilty about Nicole and has a nightmare.

"Days of Our Lives" Tuesday episode takes viewers on a thrilling route for there is dilemma, doubts, guilt, confrontation and more to watch. According to "Days of Our Lives" spoilers from SoapHub, Nicole feels threatened by Scooter as she has been fighting with herself all these days. She does not know if she should give in to his sleazy demands or tell Brady about it. Scooter, on the other hand, drops by her home to remind her about their deal and it remains to be seen if Nicole will get out of this situation or plunge deeper into crisis.

Speaking of crisis, Steve and Kayla might find themselves dealing with strife as Jade tries to sort out things with Tripp. "Days of Our Lives" spoilers hint at the girl taking measures to bring some relief to the Johnsons but she only ends up making things worse. It seems like the secret of Joey killing Tripp's mother might come out and destroy whatever peace Steve and Kayla have been able to find.

Peace is also something that has deluded Eric ever since he accidentally killed Daniel and despite getting support from Jennifer, he cannot forgive himself. He feels responsible for Nicole's predicament and "Days of Our Lives" spoilers suggest that when he sees a bad dream, he is propelled to take some action. So, will he come in time and save Nicole from Scooter?

Last but not the least, Marlena takes Victor to task about what he said to Eric. "Days of Our Lives" spoilers suggest that she gets to know about Victor being the cause for Eric's setback and is angry with him. She confronts him and it would be interesting to see if Victor would accept his deeds.

"Days of Our Lives" airs on weekdays on NBC.