Zoe Perry will be playing Mary Cooper, the mother of a young Sheldon Cooper in the upcoming "The Big Bang Theory" spinoff. Interestingly, the "Scandal" actress will be seen stepping into the shoes of her real-life mother, actress Laurie Metcalf, as she was the one who essayed the role in the original CBS show and Perry feels that it is daunting to follow in her mother's steps.

Zoe Perry has said that playing Mary Cooper and taking on the role that her mother Laurie Metcalf has already essayed in "The Big Bang Theory" was daunting, Entertainment Weekly claimed. Perry, who is currently seen in legal drama "Scandal" also stated that filling in her mother's shoes is both daunting and exciting and right now it is just exciting. She also revealed that the creators of the show took a formal audition before confirming her for the role.

As fans know, Zoe Perry has been finalized by Chuck Lorre and Steve Molaro to play the god-fearing mother Mary of child Sheldon Copper. Also, Iain Armitage of "Big Little Lies" fame has been chosen to play the titular character in the spinoff, which revolves around the growing up years of Sheldon in East Texas where he goes to high school and lives with his mother.

Revealing more details, Perry admitted that she took the guidance of her mother while preparing for the role. She said that she enacted one of the scenes with her as she wanted to know her accent but it was not that Metcalf read the lines. Perry also watched a few of her scenes from "The Big Bang Theory." Talking about the spinoff, Zoe Perry said that there is a visible tonal difference between the two shows and the two Mary Coopers would also be different.

It is worth mentioning here that "The Big Bang Theory" spinoff is expected to debut sometime in 2017-18.