Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are now proud parents as the model gave birth to their first child last week of March. And since the couple has been blessed with a child already, some people are starting to wonder if Brad is ready to propose to Irina this time.

With the birth of their new baby, it's for sure that Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are enjoying their first weeks as parents but things will not be the same always. It might be joyful and blissful at this moment but there will come a time that the couple will encounter trouble in their relationship as per Daily Mail.

It can be recalled that the couple had a fight at Wimbledon July of last year. Irina Shayk could not hide her disappointment that time while Bradley Cooper was trying his best to cheer her up. The Russian model was even caught like she was in tears already and this epic fight was also caught ion camera. This left the actor in complete humiliation as the whole world watches that time.

But since they are private people, no one really knows what really happened between Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk during that time but them only. When they were asked about that incident, they said that they also had their fair share of ups and downs. Because of that, some critics can't help but tell that the relationship of the two is just a mere showmance as they started dating many years ago. However, Brad and Irina already have a baby and their fans can't wait if they are ready to make things official between them.

Bradley Cooper had several relationships already before Irina Shayk as some are telling that it is really hard from him to tie down. But now that he has a baby with Irina, he might change his mind about getting married. The actor has a family now and there are no reasons for him so he cannot buy Irina a ring then propose to her. But some fans are hoping that the truth will come out in the future.