It seems like Kendall Jenner has been receiving negative feedbacks because of her controversial Pepsi advertisement. After the commercial has been pulled out, the model has been suffering the aftermath of this as well as the backlash following this ad.

It can be recalled that Kendall Jenner found herself in a lot of controversy when she appeared in the latest commercial of Pepsi. In the said commercial, the model stopped a police protest and gave him a can of Pepsi as per New York Times. After the commercial has been pulled, Jenner flew to Paris to get away from the attention the controversy has been giving her.

It is already typical that some celebrities are committing somewhat decisions which they are not sure of what it brings. That's why some critics are telling Kendall Jenner to just share her regrets to the public. It is not even her fault anyway that is why it is a best idea if she reaffirms her apology to the people who are really angry with the commercial. With this, she has been encouraged to share her feeling to people so they can relate to her somehow.

After getting slammed with her Pepsi commercial, Kendall Jenner found someone who could possibly help her fix her damaged image. It has been reported that she has been leaning on Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker to help her get over this crisis in her career. This was because Kendall Jenner's flawless image suffered as she starred in the advertisement.

Since the backlash was so powerful enough and ugly that Pepsi pulled the commercial right away. In order to cope up with the situation as well as the haters that went after her, Kendall Jenner turned to Tony Robbins who is considered as a family friend. She has been leaning on him in order to get over the backlash that might endanger her career.

But it has been reported that it was Kris Jenner who reached out to Tony right after the crisis. In turn, Tony Robbins has been helping Kendall Jenner also. He encourages her to turn all these negativities into something positive. It can be recalled that this is the first time the model suffered such humiliation.