Kate Middleton just opened up about mental health and with this, many people started to worry if the Duchess is dealing with personal problems with Prince William and health issues herself. She discussed her experience as a mother as well as the trials and tribulations that come with last March 23.

Kate Middleton also spent some time talking about her own experiences with these trials and one of which is the mental health that rise after that. She shared that becoming a mother is such a wonderful and rewarding experience. But she added that it has also been a big challenge for her. She also admitted that even if she has full support at home, she still experiences the hardships of being a mother.

Then Kate Middleton went on sharing that this challenge can be made harder because of the challenges that mothers often experience when it comes to their mental health as per Women's Health. There have been reports in the past which suggested that the Duchess of Cambridge dropped over some statements relating the same problem. She also struggled with mental health issues and not just in terms of motherhood but also when it comes to being a wife.

In fact these problems have been worsened because of Kate Middleton's deteriorating relationship with Prince William as claimed by some reports. Of course, being a princes sis not easy and people expect a lot from you compared to just an ordinary woman. However, if the Duchess is really dealing with mental issues then her lack of public appearance as well as her worming habits could make sense.

With these reports, there is a little chance that any member of the royal family will confirm this problem in public. It would be very unlikely that Kate Middleton being the future queen will admit to the public that she is dealing with mental health issues due to her reported worsening relationship with Prince William.