"The Walking Dead" Season 8 spoilers claim that the Rock Grimes' pack will go to war with the barbarian Negan together with the other communities like Hilltop, The Sanctuary, Alexandria, and The Kingdom. This war will not be anything that will be directed to something less important as they plan to rebuild their community together.

The story in the series "The Walking Dead" spoilers will say that the story is also following the plot like that in the comics. It can be remembered that in the comics created by Robert Kirkman, it skips a few years prior to the introduction of the Whisperers. Therefore, if people already read the comics, it is for sure that they will be also expecting the same in the hit series as per Express UK.

However, Kirkman told the media that they are still in the process of doing the book and that they are also planning to incorporate some variations on the developing plot. This will be used to create additional events to be added to the original plot and it's up for the creators if they will change things to come up with a remix of "The Walking Dead."

Then Kirkman assured the fans that there are things that might happen in the future and this will lead to a more thrilling and interesting "The Walking Dead" Season 8. So with the spoilers alone, fans might see some of those things and it might be like something as jump. One thing more, the creators might also do that five years in real time.

Some of the reports are telling that the fans will be treated to a lot more content as also suggested by "The Walking Dead" Season 8 spoilers. This has been always been pointed out by the creator himself Robert Kirkman. He also added that there is a thing there in what he was reading that he wondered about. Then as he wondered about that thing, he suddenly felt the urge to get into that thing.

The creator also added in "The Walking Dead" Season 8 spoilers that Eugene will be facing a danger after he left the Saviors. The Season 8 returns later this year and which will tread into different places.