“Code Geass” is said to feature “Lelouch of the Ressurection” as its third season after “Code Geass: Zero Requiem.” As usual, speculations have been rampant whether Lelouch Lamperouge is already dead and how could he be alive in the anime’s third season. On the bright side, the anime’s Season 3 is reported to be already in production.

According to Opp Trends, “Code Geass” Season 3 recalls Lelouch’s death in Season 2. Yet, it was known that he is still alive through some circumstances amid a Suzaku disguised as Zero killed him. It was then expected by some fans that the last scene in the Season 2’s finale, the driver in CC’s hay cart ride wearing a hat was Lelouch.

Thus, speculations say that the code he obtained kept him alive. It was then mentioned that he killed his immortal father Charles Zi Britannia to obtain the code. Hence, becoming immortal as well. Meanwhile, other speculations on “Code Geass” Season 3 include that Lelouch could travel in time. Fans also guessed that Lelouch in Season 3 might be a clone or something sort of.

“Code Geass” Season 3 “Lelouch of the Resurrection” was then guessed to have a villain to force Lelouch to reveal himself amid hiding with CC. In which, Lelouch would be unveiled to survive “Code Geass: Zero Requiem.” Yet, who the villain isn’t yet hinted.

Regarding “Code Geass” Season 3 being in production, Comic Book, reported that fans discovered something that hinted the anime’s revival as well. A series of PV had been shown that recaps what happened in the “Code Geass” franchise. Well, what caught up fans is the caption halfway in the trailer that stated: “Code Geass’ third chapter is in production. 2017 is the start of a new age!”

Hence, fans speculated that “Lelouch of the Resurrection” is indeed already in production after Director Goro Taniguchi announced last “Code Geass” 10th-anniversary event in Maihama Amphitheater in Chiba that Sunrise’s anime would receive a third season. Nonetheless, a release date and confirmation haven’t been made regarding the “Code Geass” Season 3.