The cow is considered to be a sacred animal in India, and this specially applies to the Hindu majority in the country. Killing cows in India is considered to be illegal in many states and recently the Western State of Gujarat has passed a law making the slaughter of cows punishable with life imprisonment.

In some parts of the country people worship cows by following their religious beliefs for centuries. While is other states people slaughter cows for their meat. Under the amendment to the state's Animal Preservation Act, people who are found guilty of even transporting beef will be jailed for 10 years.

The new laws will come to effect from Saturday and these amendments will make Gujarat to have the toughest laws on the issue in the country. For those who break the law they are sure to face heavy fines, as well as time behind bars as per BBC.

The penalty for the act has been doubled to 100,000 rupees ($1542), the Gujarat Minister of State Pradipsinh Jadeja said that the cow is a symbol of Indian culture and the amendments of the act has been made in consultation with the people. The Chief Minister of the State Vijay Rupani has also spoken repeatedly of harsh punishments for those who kill cows.

According to Hindus the cow is a beautiful thing, and it is worshipped and decorated during festivals. People smear their foreheads in vermillion to seek arms. A right wing Hindu organization has actually launched cosmetics by using cow urine and cow dung. Most states in India are beginning to forbid cow slaughter, and the beef ban has been criticized by many.

This is because the meat is much cheaper that chicken and fish, looking at the religious standpoint Hindus have followed their tradition and culture for centuries. There is no doubt that the cow is also India's polarizing and political animal.