"Dance Moms" Abby Lee Miller is said to be leaving the hit reality series already. She just made her announcement and the news in a lengthy Instagram post to her followers as well as her fans. It can be recalled that she has been in the series since it debuted last 2011.

The prominent dance choreographer was always slammed in "Dance Moms" for bullying her dancers and for using her intimidation techniques. She often says cruel things to her dancers. But now all Abby wants the public to know is that it was all an act. Along with her revelation, she even hinted that it was the Lifetime producers who persuaded her to act that way to be mean like the usual reality television villain as per Fox News.

Abby Lee Miller of "Dance Moms" also revealed that he did not have any problem working with any kid since she loves children and that she is really committed to making other people's children successful. She then added that the only problem she had was the issue on being manipulated, used, and disrespected by people who never experienced to have dance lessons in their lives and treat women like dirt.

However, even with the problems, Abby Lee Miller took part in the hit series, "Dance Moms" for seven long seasons. After all, it was the show which made her a household name as she is today. With her revelation, some of the fans were wondering why all of a sudden Abby Lee Miller was throwing her producers udder the bus now when in fact, she did not have problems criticizing her dancers in the first place.

But in the midst of this news, no one seems to be already surprised that Abby Lee Miller is already quitting "Dance Moms." Many of the fans of the series thought that this would have happened sooner or later since she is currently caught in a major legal trouble.