Carmelo Anthony is once again the hot topic of controversy as of late. Latest news is saying that Melo is not happy with the New York Knicks transition to the triangle offense. Now, speculations are spreading that he might join with another team next season.

Carmelo Anthony has been very vocal about his disappointment with how the New York Knicks played the earlier part of the season. His frustration led to a rift with Knicks president Phil Jackson that seems to be the reason why he was allegedly placed on the trading block last month.

Though no deal was consummated, many believed that there is still a possibility that Carmelo Anthony will be open for a trade after the season. And with the New York Knicks appears to be heading to an early exit this season, the 32-year old forward has something to say regarding the Knicks change of gameplay next season.

According to RealGM, Carmelo Anthony feels sad about the decision of New York Knicks head coach Jeff Hornacek to fully shift to the triangle offense next season. Though Hornacek termed it as "triangle aspect", Melo says that it will be "hard to readjust a whole system on the fly." The forthcoming switch in the offense was not surprising at all as it was already preached by Jackson and Hornacek before the All-Star break last month.

It is no secret that Carmelo Anthony is not inclined to the triangle offense that Jackson been pushing since the start of the season. He earlier pointed out that he enjoys the up-tempo offense that coach Hornacek initially implemented when he first came from the Phoenix Suns. Melo also felt that the faster pace and free-flow game that was originally executed works for them.

With that, rumors are circulating that Carmelo Anthony might waive his no-trade clause and chose to play for another team next season. Recent reports are now linking Melo to the Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Clippers where Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Paul are playing respectively. All players mentioned are good friends with Melo.

Will Carmelo Anthony avoid to play the triangle offense and chose to play with another team?