The Cleveland Browns are one of the teams that had a disappointing performance last season. Now, the team is looking for a fresh start next season and part of their rebuilding plan is to acquire one capable signal caller. Latest news is now saying that they are renewing their interest of getting Jimmy Garoppolo from the New England Patriots again.

The Cleveland Browns were already linked to Jimmy Garoppolo just last month. After the Browns released Robert Griffin III and Josh McCown, the team reportedly jumped right away to the trade market and looks to be targeting Garoppolo. However, no deal was consummated during that time as the New England Patriots want a high pick from the Browns.

The Cleveland Browns then turned their attention to another quarterback and made a trade to get Brock Osweiler from the Houston Texans. But it seems that the Browns are not satisfied with Osweiler and still keeping their high interest on Jimmy Garoppolo. And now, recent reports are saying that the New England Patriots appears to reconsider the deal with the Browns involving Garoppolo.

According to CBSSports, a Jimmy Garoppolo to Cleveland Browns is still a possibility now that the New England Patriots is reassessing their option in the incoming draft day. Currently, the Patriots don't have a pick on the early-round of the 2017 NFL draft as they have traded their first-round pick (32nd) to the New Orleans Saints in a trade involving WR Brandin Cooks. They also sent their second-round pick (64th) to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for DE Kony Ealy earlier this month.

Aside from Cooks and Ealy, the New England Patriots also got former Buffalo Bills cornerback Stephon Gilmore but lost Martellus Bennett, Logan Ryan and Jabaal Sheard in free agency. Clearly, the Patriots need to replace those players and waiting for the third-round (72nd) to make a pick gives them a small chance of getting a capable player on that spot. And now, the Cleveland Browns have two first-round picks and second-round picks that could be a perfect trade offers to the Pats.

Obviously, the Cleveland Browns will not trade their first pick and the best possible scenario to get Jimmy Garoppolo is to give up their No. 12 pick that they've acquired to the Philadelphia Eagles during the 2016 draft day. The Browns could also give up one of their second-round picks (No. 33 and No. 52) to sweeten up the pot for the Patriots.

Will Cleveland Browns' No. 12 pick will be enough for the New England Patriots to give up Jimmy Garoppolo?