Russia denied that it is supplying the Taliban after a top Nato General's allegation. The American General said that Russia may be supplying the Taliban in Afghanistan, the top Nato General was Gen Curtis Scaparrotti, he told lawmakers in Washington that Moscow was "perhaps" supplying the terrorist group.

Right after the statement the Kremlin's special envoy in Afghanistan said the allegation was absolutely false. Russian has already said that they have a limited contact with the Taliban and they are aiming to bring them to a negotiation. Moscow clearly considers the Taliban a terrorist organization as per BBC.

However, Nato's Supreme Allied Commander in Europe Gen Scaparrotti spoke to the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing. He said he has observed the influence of Russia lately, in terms of association and perhaps even supply to the Taliban. There was no further information in order to back up the allegation.

The Afghan Taliban assurances are assumed to keep Isis away from Russia's borders, and this also includes Iran and China. But a number of high ranking American military officials have accused Russia for undermining the Afghan government. Some of the western officials also believe that the country is using the emergence of Isis in Afghanistan, and this comes because it is an excuse to justify its meddling with the country.

On the other side of the story says that some Afghan officials have reminded Moscow to work with the government. They repeatedly reminded that instead of establishing links with non - state actors, it must work for regional peace and stability with the government.

Russian encouraging the Taliban and proving them with diplomatic cover has no proof. The country denied the top Nato General's allegations on supplying the Taliban, plus they believe that the Taliban is nothing but a terrorist organization taking lives of innocent people.