Following the attack at London eight arrests have been made after armed police raids. Hundreds of detectives have worked overnight to carry out searches at six addresses, the attack had left four people dead and seven injured with a critical condition in the hospital.

The attack took place on Wednesday afternoon, when a man drove down a car along the pavement on Westminster Bridge. The killer knocked down pedestrians creating panic and leaving dozens injured as per BBC. Right after ramming into the pedestrians he ran towards the Parliament and stabbed PC Palmer, a man who was a police officer.

PC Palmer was unarmed and after he was stabbed to death the police gunned down the attacker to the ground. One of the other victims who lost her life was Mrs. Aysha Frade, she was killed in the incident just a few meters from Westminster Bridge. Mrs. Frade was on her way to pick up her children from school.

In a statement to the House of Commons, Prime Minister Theresa May said PC Palmer was every inch a hero and his actions will never be forgotten. She further stated that the attacker was trying to silence democracy and it was an attack on free people everywhere. Overnight the detectives have worked their way through and arrested eight suspects.

The attacker who acted alone was British born and known to the police and intelligent services. It looks like the killer was inspired by international terrorism, at this state there is no specific information in further threats to the public.

Journalists were urged not to publish the killer's name since the search was still on the process. It turns out that the people from London will see more of the police on the streets. The duties of officers have been extended and leave has been cancelled.