In last three or four years, Xiaomi has really emerged as a big smartphone company. The company is getting famous for the specs and features it brings to its phones and at the same time the price is always affordable. The company is mainly popular in the Asian countries and the Chinese company is now all set to launch its latest flagship Redmi 4A.Tie Xiaomi Redmi 4A is expected to be one of the best budget smartphones this year.

It is reported that the Redmi 4A is going to be the cheapest smartphone launched by the Xiaomi. Though it is the cheapest smartphone produced by the company but still it has some good specs and features. At the same time, the design of the phone is also attractive as well. 

The design of Redmi 4A is very much similar to the previous Redmi phones. The phone will come with an attractive metallic finish at the same time the body of the phone will be of good quality as well. The phone will come in the market with three different colours.

The phone will come with a 5-inch HD display and the resolution of the phone will be high as well. The phone is expected to have a resolution of 1280*720 pixels which will be efficient when it comes to watching movies and videos. The user interference of the phone is also very user-friendly. 

The phone will run on Snapdragon 425 chipset which is a quad core processor. In order to boost up the performance, there is 2GB of RAM is installed in this phone. The phone comes with an internal storage of 16GB and it can be extended up to 128 GB. The battery capacity of the phone is also really good. The phone comes with a 3120 mAh battery which is efficient to run for a day. Therefore, with all these specs and features it can be said that the phone will be able to make a significant impact on the market.