T-Ara is no doubt known as the K-pop girl group responsible for hits “Bo Peep Bo Peep,” “You Drive Me Crazy,” “Lovey Dovey,” and “Roly Poly.” Yet, as the disbandment rumors surface, MBK Entertainment responsible for the girls, had cleared the speculations upon its members.

According to All Kpop, MBK Entertainment had released a statement that "Some of the T-ara members decided not to renew their contract with MBK Entertainment. The album in May will be their last album together. Afterward, they'll all have their own promotions."

Clearing that T-ara wouldn’t disband, it was reported that two of their members would be renewing their contract with MBK Entertainment. T-ara’s Boram and Soyeon were then mentioned to resolve not to renew their contracts with the company as it ends on May 15 per Yonhap News.

On the bright side, T-ara member Qri, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon were reported to renew their contracts until December. It was also noted by MBK Entertainment that the remaining members would be focusing on “solo activities, dramas, and other personal schedules as well as overseas activities.”

The leave of their member Hwayoung was also mentioned to be T-ara’s biggest crisis. As Hwayoung was mentioned to bully staff amid rumors that her own members were bullying her. Hence, Hwayoung’s leave resulted to T-ara’s leave from television and seek outside the country for market instead.

After debuting as an all-girl K-pop group last 2009 with their EP “Lies,” T-ara was concluded to have their last album with six members together. The album is then expected to be released in May. Rest assured, the K-pop girl group is confirmed not to disband by MBK Entertainment amid leave of Boram and Soyeon. Of course, the company still opens up to a possible contract renewal if the girls would change their minds as reported.