FNC Entertainment's only girl group, AOA, has earned enough in 2015 to cover for the agency's training, debut, and promotional investments. This means the girls are already receiving dividends from the group's earnings from musical activities, dramas, CFs, and other deals.

Debuting with "Elvis" in 2012, the eight-piece girl group promoted for three years before getting paid, reports AllKpop.

Although the gratification was delayed, breaking even after three years is already impressive for girl groups who are usually having a harder time selling albums compared to boy groups, reports Soompi.

AOA's list of albums in Korea include "Elvis," "Get Out," "Confused," "Miniskirt," "Short Hair," "Like A Cat" and "Heart Attack."

They also released "Mini Skirt" and "Heart Attack" in Japan, where they also revealed the new song "Oh Boy."

The group has two promotional subunits: AOA Black, which released "Moya," and AOA Cream, which is currently promoting "I'm Jelly BABY."

"Moya," "Mini Skirt," "Short Hair," "Like A Cat" and "Heart Attack" all won trophies from music shows. Elvis are confident that the newly released "I'm Jelly BABY" will also win next week.