Reports about Colin Kaepernick status has been a hot topic of online news for a couple of weeks already. Up until now, the 29-year old quarterback is still a free agent after opting out with the San Francisco 49ers earlier this month. Latest news is indicating that the Buffalo Bills might be the best fit for him.

Colin Kaepernick is one controversial personality last season. He began the national anthem protest by refusing to stand and chose to sit down or knell every game. He wanted to voice out his objection on social injustice to minorities in the United States which gathered criticism to many people.

But aside from the protest, Colin Kaepernick was also criticized for the dismal performance of the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers could only muster two wins out of 16 games they played last season due to their lackluster offense. They have one of the worst offense as they only averaging 19.3 points (27th) and total yards of 308.1 (31st) which being blamed to him.

Now that no teams are takers for him, recent reports suggest that the Buffalo Bills might be an ideal destination for him. According to, Colin Kaepernick deserves another chance to showcase his skills and it might happen with the Buffalo Bills. Though he struggled the past two seasons, Kaepernick still has the talent to orchestrate the offense of any team.

Colin Kaepernick can be remembered by bringing the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl in 2012 after the team missed it for 18 years. In six seasons with the 49ers, he has thrown 12,271 yards for 72 touchdowns and 30 interceptions with an 88.9 percent passer rating. And Bills offensive coordinator Rick Dennison would be glad to have him on their offensive line.

It can recall last year that Rick Dennison, who was with the Denver Broncos at that time, was the one who pushed for a trade for Colin Kaepernick. However, a deal never materializes as Kaepernick refuse to take a pay cut to join the Broncos. But now, this could be a perfect opportunity for Dennison and the Bills to take a gamble on him that might pay dividends someday.

Will Colin Kaepernick a plausible choice for the Buffalo Bills?