Linebacker Dont'a Hightower is not going anywhere. The 27-year old LB made a decision Wednesday and he is staying with the New England Patriots. After weeks of uncertainty about his status, Hightower chooses to return to New England and continue the winning tradition with the Patriots.

Dont'a Hightower became a free agent after his contract with the New England Patriots expired at the end of the 2016 NFL season. Many fans are surprised that the Patriots organization didn't make a move of re-signing him immediately, paving the way for Hightower to test the free agency market.

Indeed, a high-caliber player like Dont'a Hightower got the attention of two teams, the New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers. The Jets even got creative of luring him to join them and allegedly offering $12 million per year (the salary Hightower is expecting to receive) just to sign with them. But it seems that all that effort wasn't enough to pry Hightower to change his uniform.

According to CBSSports, Dont'a Hightower announce Wednesday afternoon through his agents that he re-signing with the New England Patriots. The deal is said to be worth $43.5 million for four years which includes $19 million guarantee. The deal makes Hightower one of the highest-paid linebacker in the league.

The decision of Dont'a Hightower to go back with the New England Patriots is a no brainer. Why would he not return? Aside from being the defending champion, the Patriots are always a playoff contender team. They've been in the playoffs fourteen times in the last sixteen season of the league. During that period, they've been in seven Super Bowl championship game and won five Super Bowl title.

There is no doubt that Dont'a Hightower have been a significant part of New England Patriots title run the past few season. In return, he also benefits to the success of the Patriots as he's been voted to the Pro Bowl and Second-team All-Pro for the first time last season.