The internet has become a very crucial part of our life and in order to make the processes faster WiFi played a very handy role in the last five years. Generally WiFi connections are way faster than the normal cellular connections but still, people face different problems with the WiFi network. Sometimes, people find that WiFi technology is a bit inconsistent and at the same time the speed of the internet reaches a very low point at times. Therefore, it is proposed that the next generation WiFi will come with infrared lights and it is expected that they will be much efficient while transmitting signal.

The use of the Infrared of technology was proposed by a Ph.D. student at the Eindhoven University of Technology. She proposed that if the infrared technology is used in the WiFi then it can transmit data flawlessly at the same time, the loss of data will be low as well.

If the infrared technology is used in the ground then it is proved that the proposed technology has a lot of potentials. The test results have shown that if an infrared technology is used in the ground then it can transmit data up to 40gb per second. The strength of a single light antenna is significantly high and there is a very low chance of losing signal. This WiFi can be used perfectly with any kind of smartphone and tablets. The best thing is, if there are multiple devices which are trying to get connected with the WiFi then there will be no interference by the radio station. Therefore, a user can access the internet without any kind of trouble.

Though, this proposed idea faced few issues the main problem was the infrared light can not go through the wall. Therefore, in order to use this WiFi, multiple antennas should be installed. Right now, it may look this WiFI with infrared technology is perfect for the home and small businesses. But if this proposed idea is transformed into a real project then the WiFi technology will have a much faster solution.