Earth is known as the 'Blue Planet' in the solar system and scientists assume that Earth has been the 'Blue Planet' of the solar system for at least 3.8 billion years. It is mainly because of the water is present on the earth for a long time now. But scientists are yet to determine the actual source of the water which is present on the earth.

There are thousands of asteroid and planets are moving in the universe. But it seems like earth is the only planet where water is present. Geoscientists from the different parts of the world tend to believe two popular theories. The first theory states that the water has come from all the asteroids which collided with the earth. Simultaneously, the second theory states that water was present in the center of the earth and this waters flowed on the surface as they came out with the volcanos.The recent geological studies have strengthened the second hypothesis.

Scientists are continuously working on different projects and it is helping to dig out a more crucial history of the planet earth. At the same time, scientists believe that it can help to tell the possibility of the life on other planets as well. 

Scientists have also discovered some precious metals which were present in the mantle of the planet earth. The metals were like platinum which can easily get attracted to a magnetic iron. Scientists believe that these elements were pulled towards the core of the earth by the magnetic irons.

Balz Camber who is the chairperson of Geology and Mineralogy of Trinty College Dublin has stated that the water which had emerged from the mantle of the planet earth played a very significant role in the development of the life.

The research is still in progress, but most of the studies favor that the water has emerged from the mantle of the planet earth. This water helped life to grow throughout the history of the world.