Venus has been the matter of interest for NASA over a good period of time and they are taking preparations in order to discover the Hellish planet. Now it looks like, this agenda of NASA may come true sooner than it was expected as the scientists from Russian Academy of Sciences and Space Research Institute (IKI) has met with the representatives of NASA. It was officially announced by the NASA last week as the collaboration of NASA and Russia is all set to launch project Venera-D mission to Venus.

Russia has also shown a significant amount of interest over Venus for a long period of time. Russia had taken part in the Venera project actively and they have launched almost 16 probes between the years of 1961 and 1983. It was reported that only a few probes were able to reach the planet, Venus. Therefore, it is really obvious that Russia will show interest in any kind of missions which is related to the Venus. Therefore, Russia and NASA have decided to jointly collaborate in the project Venera-D and the project is scheduled to launch in the year of 2020.

Many experts believe that this joint collaboration is definitely helpful. At the same time, they think that there is a huge possibility that the project will be a real successful one.If the project is launched successfully then there is a great chance that a huge amount of exploration of the planet, Venus will be possible. If that happens then many unknown things will be clear to us.

The representatives from NASA will keep meeting the representatives of IKI in order to decide the future plans of the project. At the same time, they will decide the future objectives of the project as well.

Both Earth and Venus have few similarities in their composition and size. Therefore, it is known as the sister planet of the earth. If a complete exploration on planet Venus is made then scientists believe that the future of the earth can be predicted.