“Overwatch” is a widely known shooter video game around the globe. With its updates and new characters along with new skins making the game more hype, more news was revealed to intensify the worth of the game.

According to PC Gamer, “Overwatch” 24th character is slated to be named Orisa. Described as an “armored tank,” the four legged robot is said to sacrifice mobility for toughness similar to Reinhardt. Orisa is then mentioned to wield a Fusion Driver which lowers her sustained damage but slows her movement as she fires the weapon.

"Reinhardt is one of the only characters that can can really stand his ground, mark a spot, and move with his team real slow," lead designer Geoff Goodman shared with regards to Orisa's tank description. With Orisa’s upcoming release, a “behind-the-scenes” video included would show directors share their inspiration, where she fits and what Orisa would bring to the game.

In a blog post on Reddit, “Overwatch” director, Jeff Kaplan was asked whether he is open for a Nintendo Switch version of the game. Kaplan then responded that he loves the Switch and his most favorite platform is the 3DS. He then responded that getting "Overwatch" in the Switch would be "very challenging" for them. He then added that they are open-minded to explore possible platforms as Game Spot reported.

Meanwhile, Kaplan also shared that a legendary skin for Widowmaker would be coming soon and would be worth the wait. Winston was also revealed by Kaplan to be the least picked hero in “Overwatch,” but if played by the right player, could be amazing. He also shared that they are now working on ideas on how to get Lucio to be more engaging to play. At the same time, he wants that ideas not to make Lucio be an obvious pick as well per IGN.

“Overwatch” has over 25 million registered players and is currently now playable on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. On the other hand, Orisa is mentioned to be only available on “Overwatch” test servers and would roll out in all platforms on March 21.