Sometimes glitches don't have to have any immediate gameplay value and are simply there for fun. This is what has played out in the latest "Dark Souls III" glitch, which changes the camera perspective to make the game look like "Grand Theft Auto."

Both games occupy different genres, so despite being quite similar in terms of violence, there was never any real chance for the two to mix - until now.

Our latest glitch comes courtesy of YouTuber Kappamari who managed to find a way to force the camera to remain fixed to a bird's-eye view, giving the player a perspective akin to what would be viewed in the original "Grand Theft Auto" games.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Go to the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire.

Step 2: Head to the large tower and climb up to one of the upper levels.

Step 3: Jump down to a lower section (be sure to look before you leap, so you don't fall off the stage and to your death). If done correctly, the camera will stay at the higher point and doesn't pan down with the camera, effectively giving you "Grand Theft Auto" vision.

Step 4: Enjoy until you die or switch zones (most likely).

Unlike the unlimited boss souls glitch, this camera glitch isn't likely to suddenly radicalize the overall game experience. However, it does offer an interesting take on an old formula. Fighting basic enemies with this camera angle would certainly be a lot of fun, but things are sure to get more hectic once more complex enemies are thrown into the mix. In a similar vein, fighting enemies in certain indoor areas looks like it might be a hassle as you can't see yourself or the enemies inside them.

What would be truly interesting, though, is fighting bosses with that camera angle. Some bosses like the Crystal Sage might be even easier than before since you don't have to move the camera around to find where he or his clones will appear throughout the fight.

It's unclear whether this glitch was fixed in yesterday's update. If it has, hopefully, someone will make a mod to do this like the one for "Dark Souls I." If not, then feel free to go to town until it gets removed.

Check out the glitch in action below: