Gaming enthusiasts are in for a treat this Yuletide season. Video game-related items will be offered at affordable prices.

At Walmart, the PS4 Slim 500GB model with the Uncharted 4 game can be acquired for $269.96. Buyers will be able to save $30.96 on the deal.

Meantime, the 1TB-loaded PS4 Pro costs $399.99 at Target and Best Buy outlets. GameStop offers Battlefield 1 and the Elder Scrools V: Skyrim Special Edition at $49.49 apiece for pre-owned transactions.

By using the code GAME at Best Buy, Final Fantasy 15 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition can be bought at $59.99 and $79.99, respectively.

Amazon US will be offering a $299-worth bundle each for the 1TB Xbox One with Battlefield 1 and the Gear of War 4. In addition, the Assassins Creed Unity and Watch Dogs packs are sold at $249.99 each at GameStop.

An exclusive at the online retail giant is the RC Coon mobile package which comes at $189.99 for regular buyers or $151.99 for Prime members. Purchasers get a free radio-controlled toy.

At Amazon UK, the PlayStation 4 is in the market for 349 pounds. Although it is not bundled with accessories, a huge 1TB memory storage is in tow.

The 1TB-equipped Slim variation is being marketed for 246.69 pounds. Its 500GB variation goes for 223.29 in British currency.

Three promotions for the PS4 Slim are also up. A 1TB unit bundled with CoD: Infinite Warfare + Modern Warfare Remastered is billed at 329 pounds. The 500GB with Uncharted 4: A Thief's End pack and a separate Final Fantasy 15 package cost 220.14 and 239.99 pounds, respectively.

On the other hand, Microsoft is also in the running with its promotional deals at UK Amazon. With the Xbox One S thriving on top since its release, gamers get a chance to acquire packs with their favorite games.

The solo white-colored Xbox One S is priced at 238.50 pounds. A couple of FIFA 17 bundles is being offered for the 500GB and the 1TB models which cost 249.99 and 269.99 pounds, respectively.

In addition, the solo storm grey-shadowed Xbox unit comes at 249.99 in British currency. Meanwhile, the 500GB with Minecraft + Forza Horizon 3 bundle has been rated at 229.99 pounds.

Moreover, UK Amazon has also something in store for Nintendo fans. The Japanese console provides a Christmas treat with an option for buyers to package their own bundles with an assortment of new games that include Animal Crossing New Leaf, Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter.

Meantime, the new Nintendo 3DS XL cost 169 pounds. The Nintendo 2DS that is packaged with the Pokemon Sun + Moon Series and a separate New Super Mario Bros 2 Edition are priced at 143 and 79.99 pounds, respectively.