Amazon, which is considered as one of the biggest e-commerce giants has 19,000 full-time workers in the Britain. According to the latest reports, the e-commerce giant is looking to hire 5000 more employees from the United Kingdom. Amazon has said that there is a wide range of positions are open in the company and those positions are like technicians, engineers, and HR specialists.

Amazon has also said that they have high anticipation on their drone delivery program. In order to execute this program, they are looking for skilled 'flight test engineers'. Amazon has completed an agreement with the British government in order to test drone deliveries. In the last December Amazon has also completed a successful drone delivery in the Britain.

Besides the job commitment, Amazon is looking to open new headquarters in the East London. Therefore, there are many job seekers in the United Kingdom will be benefited from this. 

According to CNN Money, Apart from Amazon, there are some other big tech firms who are looking to open their offices in the U.K and at the same time they are willing to offer a significant amount of jobs to the residents of the U.K.

Expedia has announced that they are looking to extend their office at London and they will hire more people in their office as well.  Google has announced that they will be building a new office in London which will be of 650,000 sqft. At the same time, Facebook has announced to open a new office and they are looking to hire 500 more workers in the company. 

Therefore, so far it seems like Brexit is not playing too much in the head of big tech firms as they are hiring a significant amount of people from the U.K. Simultaneously, it looks like that the Brexit will not come in the way of development of the U.K.